With experience of decades in the field of consulting and training, we create and deliver results aligned with our clients’ business goals, strategic priorities and culture. Execution of a well developed framework is what leads an organization to success or else businesses go bust! Our up to date approach and experience enables us to help companies and their leaders in achieving great performance.


Business simulations are an extremely powerful and result oriented tool for creating strategic alignment and developing capabilities for businesses.

Simulations create an opportunity of developing business acumen among business leaders, enabling them to have a broader enterprise perspective, refining strategic thinking, building financial acumen and helping them understand their customers better.

Learning Programs

I doctory has made notable investments in the area of learning platforms for building the important capabilities necessary for higher-level of strategy execution in all the business areas including Business Acumen, Leadership & Management, Marketing and Sales.

The platforms include classrooms, virtual (and self-pace) online experiences. What makes us good is we integrate these capabilities in the context of their business, values and culture. We believe context is important. We do it quicker, better and with the highest level of efficiency.

Innovation & Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires a new mindset and skills to accept the modern world challenges. We help businesses understand the importance of digital transformation, innovation and smart risk-taking. We help businesses grow by creating solutions enabling the leaders and their team to build leadership capabilities for the digital ecosystem. We have developed special programs which are fast-paced creating a bridge between your current and future-planned situation


There is a famous quote “Nothing is constant except for change”. And the more smoothly businesses adapt to change, higher the chances to grow. The old fashioned change cannot match the fast-paced tec environment of today. Businesses need experienced and engaging transformational expertise to deliver results.

Lifsprinf works closely with business leaders transforming their mindsets, enabling them to embrace and lead the ‘change’

Strategy Execution

Do you want to drive results? You need superior strategic execution. Poor strategies rarely yield positive results for anyone. On the other hand good strategies can fail as well. The basic reason for the strategy failure is lack of exceptional strategy execution.

We at I doctory focus not only on strategy bue execution to get our clients the best results.

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