A Unique Strategy To Keep Things On Track

With the increasing demand of today’s savvy customers, developers face tremendous pressure to develop appealing and user-friendly software. There are times when you need to make instant changes to your software to meet customer satisfaction. Working on such perimeters without any functional support is certainly very difficult and can lead to other ramifications. This is where automated testing comes into play. If you aim to enhance your software’s performance, the experts at Idoctory have can help you reach your business goals exclusively. Our performancetesting service ensures that your software is kept updated, even in tremendous workload conditions.

Revitalizes Your Product's Reliability

As customer expectations are increasing daily, it is getting even harder to analyze your software’s accomplishments. Our services are incredibility reliable and work efficiently in maintaining your software’s performance. It helps in eradicating impending errors and highlights the areas that need enhancement.

A Smart Strategy For Business Analytics

Performance testing addresses all the issues in the architecture and the design of a software application. It carefully works on the errors and enhances the stability of your application. Our services offer you seamless and instantaneous results to help you meet your customer’s satisfaction. The performance testing used by our team is subdivided into two classifications that are mentioned below. 

  1. Regression testing
  2. Functional testing

Regression Testing

Whether you are running a small business or an enterprise, you need to make specific changes in your software application to meet your customers’ growing needs. These changes can include modifications in the operating system, database, product features, fixing a bug, integration patches, etc. Our regression testing ensures that your software continues to perform error-free after the changes have been made. The experts at Idoctory have years of experience and ensures minimum disruption, and aim to provide you with consistent results. Our services are affordable and have helped a myriad of software business to outshine their competitors. 

Functional Testing

To meet the software specifications’ functional requirements, there is a need to ensure that the software complies with the changes. To keep this process on track, functional testing aims to verify that your products work as per their desired results. Our team of professionals has excelled in the art of automated testing and is always ready to run your software products repeatedly through automated procedures.

Our Working Procedures

These innovative software testing strategies are the most viable tools for stabilizing a software’s performance. Relying on test cases and other preeminent documentations, the team at Idoctory runs tailored-tests to check software programs. The results are then reported to the system to verify and counter-check the results. After the reports are validated, the issues are reported to the testing team to remove the errors.

We work on all the relevant parameters to ensure that all the adjacent areas are fully functional, and the software is in perfect working condition. If you are facing issues with your products, feel free to get in touch with us now and receive superior services to set the impression your business deserves. 

Functional Testing

Functional testing (also known as feature testing) enables a business to understand and figure if the application is ready and can perform functions according to the desired specifications and competency.

Regression Testing

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